Live Shopping Service

Live shopping in partner stores in Japan is an exclusive service of Mugen Shopper.


These events make it easier for you to shop in Japan and help you get to know the stores where you can make a good deal. You can also get to know the people who work there.


This will make your next trip to Japan even more exciting!

Benefits of purchasing items through our live shopping


Discover the items in video

This is very relevant especially for second-hand items, small goodies or other items when a photo by itself is not detailed enough to figure out the size, quality of work, etc.


Buy from trusted stores with an excellent reputation in Japan

Stores we are partnered with:

Jungle, Retro Game Camp,Otachu, Niki no Kashi, Super Potato


A large choice of products and very affordable

You can also buy items that are out of stock on the internet in Japan. In addition, our service fee will vary according to the items announced during the live stream. To give you an idea: It will be cheaper than a subway ticket in Tokyo for some items!


Get the items very quickly after your purchase

We ship the next day within 24 hours!


Know the real final price to pay, before you decide

Not only the price of the item but also the cost of shipping to your country


English support

Take advantage of Mugen shopper's quality English-language customer service: Items will be sold by Mugen Shopper  and we will be able to answer any questions about the items you purchased during this event

How to participate? 

1. Watch the live stream on Mugen Shopper's Twitch channel or on our "Live Shopping" page


We go around the store and show you various items available in the store while hosting this event: we explain what kind of products are available, the price and the quantity in stock.

2. At the same time: log in with your account on the Mugen Shopper Plus website